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Bees:  Honey Bees & Africanized Honey Bees (Killer Bees)  
Almost all the bees in Maricopa County are now classified as Africanized honey bees. These bees look just like the European honey bees. The venom injected by the stinger is no different and they die after one sting just like other bees.  What is different is the aggressiveness they show in defending their hive or colony.

The bee colony will contain only a single Queen, but in order to ensure new colonies can begin and the populations can grow, new Queen bees are produced each year. All the Queens except one will leave their parent colony, to fly off and establish their own colonies somewhere else. As they leave they take a large "entourage" of worker bees with them causing a "swarm". The swarms stop to rest, usually as a huge ball of bees as they look for a potential new home.

Bee calls start at $150.  If they are in the roof, inside walls or atttics the price will go up.

Do not try and clear out the bees yourself! Don't spray them with water.  Leave them alone.  Aggressiveness in bees is very dangerous.


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