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Brown Dog Tick
1/8 inches red-brown this is a southern pest. Adults can live unfed for 18 months. and one female can lay between 1000 to 3000 eggs at a time. Potential vector for rocky mountain spotted fever


Cat / dog fleas can be found in the same area. Are similar in appearance, small 1/ inch, wingless and laterally flat. After each blood meal females lay four to eight eggs, but lay 400 to 800 total in her life.


Odorous House Ant
Brown to black 1/16 to 1/8 inches. As the name imply's these ants have a rancid bitter smell when crushed. Often nest outside under stones, logs ect. Can also nest inside in walls or floors around heat sources. E.G. hot water heaters pipes. Prefer sweets but will eat most any household food. Usually invade homes during rainy periods


These are quite common, there is no evidence that they transmit disease or harm humans or other animals despite their nickname of "pincher bug".


Small, wingless insect. Favorite food anything containing starch: adhesives, book binding's, paper, photos, hair and sugar. They have no direct effect on humans.


Bark Scorpian
This scorpian is the only species in Arizona of medical importance. Most scorpions species are solitary in nature, except the bark scorpion, which is also one of the few that are climbers


Black Widow
Glossy black with an hourglass shaped marking on the underside of the abdomen which can range from orange to red. Male spiders are half the size of female.


American Cockroach
American roaches are 1-3/ to 2-1/8 inches long. Red-brown and characterized by fully developed wings that completely cover the abdomen. The pronotun, shield like are behind the head has a dirty-yellow band around it. They prefer to inhabit warm, damp locations. Are strong fliers and easily migrate from building to building.


Crickets                                                               Crickets are a nuisance because of the "chirping", none of them bite or carries diseases. Although scorpion love to eat them.  Only males chirp at night by rubbing their wings together


Honey Bee's & Africanized Honey Bee's
Almost all the bees in Maricopa County are now classified as Africanized honey bees. These bees look just like the European honey bees. The venom injected by the stinger is no different. What is different is the aggressiveness they show in defending their hive or colony.

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